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Avlo.shop is an affordable web builder for self-service online store creation and online business promotion.

We want entrepreneurs in our region to believe in the power of e-commerce

Why does our market need e-commerce?

In Uzbekistan, 90% of people have never bought online, and only 3 million of the country's 34 million people use the Internet at home. This is a sad statistic that has nothing to do with e-commerce. Our citizens still go to bazaars, sometimes to supermarkets, buying goods mainly from large manufacturers who can afford to be on the retail shelves.

But it will not always be like this.

Over the past 5 years, increased Internet bandwidth, banking sector reforms and the coronavirus pandemic have spurred the development of e-commerce in a country that wasn't even familiar with it before. Multifunctional payment systems, digital banks and delivery services that accept payments online have emerged. All of this sets the stage for a more dynamic business that no longer needs to spend a huge amount of money on distribution to get potential customers to notice and purchase their goods.

It's enough to be online

Our mission

Avlo specializes in developing IT products for e-commerce in developing countries. Avlo.shop is our flagship product that creates a level playing field for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves online

Based on our platform, entrepreneurs can create an online store for their business and start selling online on day one.

The boundaries are disproportionately wider on the Internet than they are offline. We believe that in the near future the Internet will become the main sales channel even in Uzbekistan. We want businesses to believe in the power of e-commerce today, so that tomorrow they will be ready for the next round of development of our society



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